Passive Fire Buildings Surveys

The fire protection of any building is a vital part of the safety of both the structure and its occupants. With this in mind we commit ourselves to provide you with a comprehensive study and survey of your premises to ascertain the current level of protection and report on any requirements to upgrade to building regulations.

Royal Albert Hall - Passive Fire Protection - R1 FirePror1 fire pro Ltd has a wealth of experience within the passive fire protection industry. We have worked on most building types including: hospitals, schools, pharmaceuticals, theatres, historical buildings, hotels, residential apartments, airports, offices and industrial warehouses. Our installers have knowledge of a vast number of passive fire protection systems both old and new.

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive fire protection aims to contain and delay the spread of smoke, fire and heat throughout a building. This is provided by sealing around penetrating services such as cables, pipes, ductwork etc through walls and floors to compartmentalise the property in accordance with your fire strategy. This provides vital minutes to saves lives of the occupants, the fire service, building assets and the structure of the building.

When a building is refurbished or updated the passive fire protection is often compromised leaving breaches to the fire compartments.  r1 fire pro can offer a comprehensive fire survey and report to show where these breaches are.

Our highly experienced inspectors hold current diplomas in passive fire protection, cavity barriers, fire seals and linear gap seals. This allows us to carry out surveys and identify whether the current systems have been installed correctly and are offering your building the correct protection. We would also note and report on any new breaches in fire walls and floors.

New breaches are usually produced by contractors installing new cables, pipes etc.. (typically fire alarm upgrades or new data cables). After these services have been installed these new openings are not properly sealed and are therefore a breach in the wall which will act as a passage for smoke and fire.

If you are responsible for the maintenance of an occupied building and require a comprehensive survey, please contact us to discuss.

Our surveyors will visit your premises with access equipment, photographic equipment (including endoscopes for a more intrusive survey) and a handheld IT based device to log each separate breach. We would work alongside your maintenance team and follow any protocol to carry out our surveys to cause as little disruption as possible. We would then issue the photographic report along with our proposals to remedy our findings.

Accreditation: Our consultants and surveyors are fully qualified to undertake your surveys and assessments and hold current qualifications recognised by The Institute of Fire Safety Managers and the Institute of Fire Engineers.


Contact us at R1 Firepro for more information

Passive Fire Protection Contractor - Sudbury, Suffolk, Essex, UK
Passive Fire Protection Contractor - Sudbury, Suffolk, Essex, UK
Passive Fire Protection | Fire Protection Solutions
Passive Fire Protection | Fire Protection Solutions

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