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We are approved installers for many of the UK's leading fire protection manufacturers comprising all boarding, intumescent paint, smoke and fire curtains and fire-stopping products to offer up to 4 hours fire rating.





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Tel: 01440 709050

An introduction to Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is the use of inactive, until fire occurs, materials to contain or slow the spread of fires i.e. not active sprinklers or gas suppression systems.

Here at r1 Fire Pro we supply and install all aspects of passive fire protection including intumescent paints to steelwork, fire stopping systems to compartmentalise the building from room to room and floor to floor and fire doors to enable a safe exit from the building.  We seal the openings formed by pipes, cables etc penetrating floors and walls and protect the structure of the building to the required fire rating.

In short, we provide the minutes that save the lives of the building occupants, the firefighting services and saves as much of the building structure as possible by containing the fire in a small area.

Our installers have a vast knowledge and invaluable experience of all types of steelwork encasements, fire stopping installations, fire barriers (within roof voids) along with a team of sprayers to apply the various fire protective coatings.

We install these systems in all types of buildings i.e. commercial, industrial, residential, airports, hospitals.

In the office we have a team of estimators who will provide our most competitive prices and rates to suit your needs and to fit in with your construction programme.

Our onsite teams are equipped with handheld GPS devices that allow each element of work to be recorded with a photograph and a GPS location.  The buildings fire strategy drawings are uploaded to these devices and all locations are logged on a secure server. This produces a very comprehensive report of all work undertaken ready to have input to the buildings health and safety manual.